What we do


Being a leader is challenging. You need to know how to motivate and inspire your team, work directly and openly with colleagues yet protect your area and support the design and implementation of the strategy. Sometimes these are in conflict, at other times it’s hard to know for sure what the right thing to do is. Redkite Leadership’s high performance behavioural framework is a really sound reference point which guides leaders and helps them know how to create a high performance culture. Importantly it focuses on the outcome, impact and authenticity of a leader’s behaviour.

We work with leaders both individually, through individual coaching and development programmes and also with teams, to help them develop effective team working behaviours. We do this through facilitating senior executive team meetings, board assessment and also designing and delivering off-site events.


Accurate assessment of your current or potential future employees will allow you to know who your top talent is, who needs development, what they need  and who to recruit and/or promote.

The more tests you put the individual through, the more complete your picture of them, their skills and attributes will be. but where is your budget best spent? We can help design an assessment process which matches your budget and delivers first rate results without compromising on quality. Our expertise includes assessment centres, psychometrics, assessment exercises and selection process methodology.

We can help you know ‘what good looks like’ in your organisation or industry and how to spot leadership potential.


Get the most from your employees, managers and leaders to enable them achieve their potential by focussing your resources on the areas that will make the most difference.

Redkite Leadership’s expertise includes one to one and group coaching, team facilitation, the design and delivery of bespoke workshops, development centres, development programmes and academies.


No matter how talented your employees are, if they are not engaged, you will not get the best from them.

The research on how to engage your employees is overwhelming (and at times also quite obvious). However it can be at odds with what the organisation is asking you to do. Our many years of experience assessing employees’ engagement enables us to create a road map of the areas to consider and the culture to create. We can work with you to ensure that all your priority areas can be achieved through the positive engagement of your greatest asset.